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AETNA Group is a leading supplier of food additives and feed additives group company in the United State and Slovenia. We mainly specialized in all kinds of Amino Acids and its derivative products. By now, we has become one of the largest Xanthan Gum and Gellan GUM distributors in American and European markets. Also, our animal feed products has bulit up excellent reputation in the domestic and abroad markets. Due to our extensive experience and knowledge of the food industry, we understand the importance of health and safety regulations, quality assurance and shelf life.


● AETNA warehouse team supports and achieves a practical and safe delivery of goods. We focus on every details of warehousing logistics, committed to satisfy every demand of customers.

● Full three-dimensional shelves, strictly controlled warehouse environment.

● Efficient warehouse, achieving fast delivery.

● 5000㎡ warehouse, maintain inventory to avoid the inconvenience of a long period production cycle, continue to provide customers with high quality and competitive price products.