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Application Areas of Food Grade Xanthan Gum

Time: 2024-03-28
Applications Functions
Bakery products (Bread, Cakes) temperature resistance; foaming; moisturizing; improves the mouthfeel; extends the shelf life
Dairy products thickening; suspension; inhibition of stratification; foaming agent; avoids the evaporation of active ingredients;effective control of flavor release; improves stability; solid structure
Cottage Cheese fast curds; anti-dehydration contraction; shapes
Ice Cream increases the micropores; inhibits the ice to achieve fine texture; improves thickness and stability
Yogurt increase the curds; prevents dehydration shrinkage
Beverage, Fruit Juice thickening; suspends pulp; anti-precipitation; improves the mouthfeel; effective release of flavor
Soft Drinks acts as suspending agent; foaming agent; increases the viscosity; prevents delamination
Salad Dressing thickening; shape; anti-dehydration; improves mouthfeel; easy conditioning; easy fling and good adhesion;, suspends condiments
Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce salt tolerance; anti-oxidation; thickening; effective to color and affixture
Soups, Gravy provides good temperature stability; prevents separation; improves texture
Salad Oil easy formalization; prevents juice to flow
Toppings stabilises foams and emulsions; provides good flow and cling
Pickled Food salt tolerance; maintains the shape, moisture, quality and flavor
Meat products, Sausage, Lunch Meat easy filling; easy shape; anti-dehydration; tender
Jelly maintains the shape and moisture; improves the mouthfeel; increases elasticity; suitable for making multi-layer and thermal-reversible jelly
Gel sweet gels; thickening; shaping
Instant Food increases the thickness improves the solubility in hot or cold water
Prepared Food stabilises; avoids syneresis
Frozen Food improves freeze-thawing stability; thickening,  preservation; anti-dehydration
Dehydrated Food fast recovery; maintains color and taste
Canned Fruit thickening; suspension; smooth mouthfeel; extends the shelf life; significantly improves the appearance
Canned Meat easy conditioning; thickening; maintains the favor; extends the shelf life , significantly improves the appearance
Low- calorie Products improves texture; stabilises
Liquid Milk Replacers stabilises water insoluble ingredients
Feed, Pet Food prevents gelation; increases gravy consistency; used as a liquid feed additives and cattle substitutes; stabilizes the granular insoluble matters; mixtures with locust bean gum in canned pet food