L-threonine is an essential amino acid, which is L-threonine is an amino acid that cannot be synthesized by animals, but is highly needed. It can be used to accurately balance the amino acid composition of feed, meet the growth and maintenance needs of animals, improve the weight gain and lean meat rate, and reduce the feed/meat ratio. It can improve the nutritional value of feed materials with low amino acid digestibility and improve the production performance of low energy feed.  improve feed nitrogen utilization rate and reduce feed cost. It can be used for raising and breeding pigs, chickens, ducks and advanced aquatic products. L-threonine is a feed additive produced from corn starch and other raw materials through liquid deep fermentation and refining based on the principle of bioengineering. It can adjust the balance of amino acids in feed, promote growth, improve meat quality, improve the nutritional value of feed materials with low ag6mino

It is crystal or crystalline powder from white to yellowish white.

Applied in fodder nutrient supplements, threonine is a kind of essential amino acid. Threonine is usually added in the fodder for piglet and poultry. It is the second limiting amino acid in swine feed and the third limiting amino in poultry feed. It’s added in the fodder with base of wheat, barley and other cereal.

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