L-Lysine Hydrochloride

L-Lysine Hydrochloride

L- Lysine is a feed nutrient fortifying agent, which has the function of enhancing the appetite of livestock and poultry, improving the resistance to disease, promoting the healing of trauma and improving the quality of meat. It can improve meat quality, increase lean meat rate and improve meat quality. It can also improve the utilization rate of feed protein, reduce the amount of crude and  reduce piglet diarrhea, reduce feeding costs, improve economic benefits.

It is crystal or crystalline powder from white to yellowish white.

1. Improve meat quality, meat factor.

2. Improve the use efficiency of feed protein, reduce consumption of crude protein

3. Lysine is a fodder nutrition enhancer with function for improving appetite of beasts and birds, disease resistance, wound healing, meat quality and enhancing gastric secretion. It is an essential material for compounding cranial nerve, germ cell, protein and hemoglobin

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