L-Lysine Sulphate

L-Lysine Sulphate

L-Lysine Sulphate contains a wealth of nutritional amino acid, protein, vitamins, betaine and protein meal. It also contains a large number of inorganic salts which can make the animals to largely assimilate and metabolize protein in the feed, and can intensify and increase the nutrition in the feed, as well as promote digestion and assimilation. At the same time, it has the features of promoting animals' growth rate, and strengthening abilities of anti-illness.

It is crystal or crystalline powder from white to yellowish white.

L-Lysine Sulphate is intended to be used in feed or water for drinking for all animal species and categories without maximum content in feed or time of administration. The additive can be added directly to feedingstuffs or complementary feedingstuffs, or via premixtures.

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